Genuine Surplus

What is Genuine Surplus?

Genuine surplus is fantastic quality kit, it's made to stand up to the harshest environments in the world, in extreme action packed use. It's made for real men, so it's not about this seasons fashion or whether plimsolls are in or not - its about great design, great quality tough, rough and ready for anything.

Our line "made for men worn by heroes" we think sums this up, It's kit made for real men out on the battlefield, who need to have the best kit, look good and all for a reasonable price, and all men are heroes - whether it's soldiers, back up crew, or Dads having a kick about on a saturday afternoon, so get out there - get some great kit and enjoy the great outdoors with family, and friends. We are proud of the women who serve in our forces too, but many of them have agreed with this statement because such a high proportion of the forces are still men, and the IS STILL made just to fit men - with the exception of formal dress wear. 

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Genuine Surplus is 100% genuine government surplus; so it could be army, navy, or RAF surplus or even something like police surplus either from Britain or from other countries as stated.

All items carrying the genuine surplus manufacturer have been items which have been issued buy their country of origin for their troops / forces to use.

Genuine Surplus items are not laundered or ironed - they are sent as worn / used.

Used items are graded by degree of wear:

  • Grade 1 is items which are worn and may have slight fading or wear however they have no thin patches, holes or repairs and in the case of waterproofs are guaranteed waterproof with any suspect seams re taped.
  • Grade 2 is items which are showing more signs of wear - they may have fading, worn areas and maybe some repairs or paint marks etc- however they will be fit for purpose. Ideal for where you're happy for the garment not to be perfect and want a bargain. Waterproofs are guaranteed to have no holes - but may need reproofing -  any repairs will have been sealed.
  • New - items listed as new are genuine surplus items from their country of origin it's just that they were never worn - maybe they had too many in stock or changed the camo or similar.
  • Supergrade items are rare to find and mean items which have virtually no wear - ie the person has tried them on maybe jogged once round the barracks then decided they're not right. These items are virtually as new.

Where does it come from? 

All British Surplus is puchased from a central warehouse which collects all the British forces surplus kit, sorts it then sells it on to retail outlets like ourselves.

All the Surplus from other countries is bought through other companies who specialise in buying from huge surplus auctions around the world (usually in the country the surplus is from) and they then ship it back to the UK and supply retail outlets.

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