Here at Military and Outdoor we sell everything that fits with our watchwords of:

Masculine, Adventure, Outdoors, Rugged and Honest

from a wide selection of brands.

You can use our products to enjoy camping in the wilderness, working in the great outdoors, casual relaxed fashion, field sports across moor and farmland, and aviation in the wide open sky.

In 1998 Mark Brown set up his own business selling Army Surplus and Shooting Supplies on his local markets in Lincolnshire. He soon realised the surplus and general outdoor clothing were very popular and there began Military and Outdoor.

Aiming to sell quality products at low prices with excellent customer service was his goal and it's one we work to, to this day.

The website was launched in 2006 and we have been posting things out to customers for internet and telephone orders ever since,

 Since 2010 Military and Outdoor has traded at some of the largest airshows in the country (and some of the smallest) including RIAT, Waddington, Duxford IWM, Cosford, Dunsfold, East Kirkby and Shuttleworth

 We are still a tight knit family business which allows us to keep costs to a minimum ensuring low prices without compromising on quality or service.

Our Team


Mark Brown


Mark originally managed the Louth Gun shop before starting the company in 1998. Marks area of expertise is primarily sales, buying, and new lines. He is at all the shows ('cause Amy's too short to put the sheet on) and is often seen on the local markets in the winter (Under a lot of layers)

Likes to think he looks like Daniel Craig (deluded)


2020 22.jpg

Amy Brown


Amy joined the company full time in 2011 after qualifying for a fashion degree and working as a pattern cutter for both bridal and sportswear companies. Amy works on the website - internet and mail order sales and social media sides of the company, does all the show booking and accounts, and comes to the big shows and family shows alike.

Likes to think she looks like Lara Croft (equally deluded)



Joined the team in 2012 as Rodent control and prevention director.

Came to us as a wild stray with no sense of balance and hid whenever she saw us - but in time she has come to love fuss and likes to climb on Amy and Marks shoulders like a parrot.

Likes to think she's a panther (also deluded)

2020 8.jpg


Assistant Packer

Alex joined the team in 2017 - keener on watching and gurgling than helping out to start with he soon got the hang of being self employed and can often be found at the end of the day at small local shows putting coathangers in boxes or collecting up rubbish, or eating chips in the corner lol x 

He's a child - he knows he's cool - not deluded!

 So that's us - if you have any questions please do contact us either by email on [email protected]

or by phone  07940589332

if you need to contact Alex  (or Whiskers) just contact us and we'll pass the message on. Thanks

 Company Name: Military and Outdoor (previously Mark Brown Trading)

VAT Number: 755 3998 76