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    Lightweight mesh vest with hoodstrategically placed strong elastic strips - all types of material can simply be pushed under the elastic to suit the terraincomplete with 2 x quick release chest straps and one quick release waist strapcomes packed in

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    Burlap style Camouflage netting parkaLightweight fabric parka with netting, string etc hanging to diguise shapeKnee LengthAdjustable Parka with HoodComes with stuff sack / carry bagOne size fits all

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  • £74.99 In Stock

    Burlap style camouflage netting ghillie suitconsists of:1 x long jacket / smock1 x seperate hood1 x full length adjustable trousers1 x rifle wrap1 x compression / carry bag (also in camouflage)M/L 42 - 46" chestXL / XXL 48 - 50" Chest - but

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    Designed to stick to itself not to your equipment

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    Designed to be used on guns, binoculars, cameras or other equipment Sticks to itself a bit like clingfilm so it uses no adhesive and once removed won't leave sticky marks on your equipment5cm wide x 4.5m long

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items